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Photography was interestingly entered into my life as a young teenager. It has grown to become my enormous and dominated passion and love for over the years, and my life would definitely be missing pieces and incomplete without it.

Although I am extensively and deeply specialized in engagements, weddings, bellies, and newborns; my skill set also covers a wide range of other events - portrait, beauty pageant, musical shows, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, family reunion, etc. The moments of your true emotions and the details of your lifetime events will be recorded and documented meticulously through my creative and attentive work.

To me, photography is about telling a story using your own unforgettable moments. What I am personally most thrilled and excited is to capture your moments in photos that are so meaningful yet cannot be easily expressed in words. My core technique is to record and turn your important moments into photos that later can really just speak for themselves. "A picture can say a million words" is my unique photography style, and my cameras are the tools that would help turn your photo into a voice of its own.

In additio to my skill and experience obtained over the years, I have gone through numerous professional trainings conducted by internationally well-known photographers. I am still doing these activities regularly as a way to keep my knowledge current, to bring more diversity into my shooting style, and ultimately to be creative for your photo uniqueness. In my opinion, the best pictures most often are not the typical poses but are those that break the rules and stand out. This idea is what differentiates my photography style from the work of many others'.

Thank you for visiting, and possibly revisiting, my blog. Plus, I wish to extend my note to genuinely say one last yet very important thing: "My photography passion is also to be part of the significant events of your life." Your comment and feedback are much appreciated as this helps me be a better and better photographer.


Christine Jade

+1 (408) 489-5983